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Vikentios Rooms – COVID-19 measures

In light of these unprecedented circumstances around the globe and the uncertainty they create, Vikentios Rooms fully understands the present needs for greater flexibility in booking options.

We are compliant with the policies and instructions issued by the Ministry of Tourism, which apply for reservations made directly through our website, by email or by phone. This guidance exempts bookings made in the online booking platforms we use (e.g. Booking, Airbnb), where special conditions may apply. According to this official policy, if the guest informs about a cancellation of their reservation 21 days prior to their expected arrival, they are entitled to the return of the deposit and to a full refund of any payment they may have made to the business. However, if the guest cancels their reservation or amends part of it later than 21 days prior to arrival (or even after arrival), they then owe an amount equal to 50% of the agreed stay (or 50% of the amount for the remaining period of stay).

However, considering this extraordinary situation and in trying to offer maximum security to our guests, we would like to announce that we do not demand deposits for booking requests submitted through our website, by email or by phone, up to 31 May 2020. Moreover, in any potential request for an amendment cancellation in the above mentioned bookings, we do not request any compensation, regardless of the time remaining until the time of the arrival.

We would like to let you know that we always follow the dedicated hygiene rules. Furthermore, our apartments are all located within the same property, yet with sufficient distance from each other and with each apartment having an independent outdoor space and access to our spacious garden.

We look forward to welcoming you again this summer. For 2020 offers and reservations, please visit our website and get in touch with us by email or phone.

Stay safe and stay well,

Vikentios Rooms

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